CES LetterBox

A mod of the LibraryBox project to provide private access to the CES Letter and other materials anywhere.

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The CES LetterBox is a modification of the LibraryBox Project, which creates a small, portable wireless access point for delivering documents to people in areas without Internet access or where such access could be restricted. It is a form of soft guerrilla activism, "soft" as it is entirely benign in character by being entirely opt-in but also "guerrilla" as it operates outside the reach of any restrictions that might be wished by Church leadership.

In short form, the CES LetterBox is a small, battery-powered wireless router (you'll have to supply your own router) that delivers, once you connect to it, a small collection of web pages, including an HTML version of the famous Letter to a CES Director. As the router is small enough to carry in a purse or pocket, and as it is illegal to suppress radio signals, you become a walking version of the CES Letter that can go anywhere. The location is entirely up to you. I don't personally think you should carry one into a place that would cause upset, but if you really wanted you could delver your WiFi network at Sacrament Meeting, at Stake Conference, at General Conference, at a BYU devotional, or even the locker room of your local Masonic lodge!

To begin the project, you'll need to get a wireless router (I'd recommend the TP-Link TL-MR3040), a small USB flash drive, and build a LibraryBox using the instructions found at the LibraryBox website. The entire process should take around 20 minutes.

Once your LibraryBox is up and running, turn it off and take out the USB drive. Download one of the following Zip files, unzip it, and replace the LibraryBox/Content directory on your USB stick wth the contents. Then you can change the name of the wireless SSID (the network's name) by changing LibraryBox/Config/ssid.txt and put the USB stick back in and turn on the router.

You'll want to download either cesletterbox.zip (3.46 MB) which have only the files needed to display just the CES Letter itself, or cesletterbox_full.zip (322 MB) which contains offline versions of most of the links contained in the CES Letter so that readers can enjoy a better context for the content of the letter.

And just like that you're up and running!

You can also add your own files that you want to share in the LibraryBox/Shared directories.

Click here to see an example of what the pages look like.